Monday, August 30, 2010

LOVES: Olive Green Platform Booties

I FINALLY got these beautiful booties delivered today after waiting for more than a week! I ordered these from Forever 21 as soon as I saw them. They are THE perfect color for fall (and will be a perfect combo with my new snakeskin mini skirt!) and the heel is SKY HIGH. The best part is that they were only $35! You might be thinking that they probably aren't the best quality from the price, BUT I can say that with previous shoe purchases from F21 I have never had a problem. I own a great simple pair of black booties similar to these and I've had them for two years (and worn them FREQUENTLY) and they are in great shape! I'm sooo excited to wear them. In fact, I'll probably wear them to class tonight. :)

Suedette Ankle Bootie - Forever21 - $34.80

Saturday, August 28, 2010

MUST-HAVES: Sam Edelman Zale Boot

Ever since I purchased my Sam Edelman Zoe boots I have been in LOVE. Now there's a thigh high boot version (WITH STUDS!). Not sure if I'll let myself give in to these but I'll sure be dreaming of them until I find some holiday excuse.

Sam Edelman Zale Boot - Solestruck - $399

Thursday, August 26, 2010

WANTS: Cableknit Shorts

Cableknit Short - Stolen Girlfriends Club - $138

So I've been eyeing these fabulous cableknit shorts lately. They are a bit pricey but so incredibly adorable. I love shorts in the fall with tights or knee highs but these are beyond perfect since they are knit! I'm just concerned that IF I purchased these, I'd only end up wearing them once or twice. What are your thoughts on knit shorts in the Fall?

Monday, August 23, 2010

LOVES: Fall Haul

I ordered a few key pieces for Fall from Urban Outfitters last week and they came rather quickly! It was the best surprise to find that big brown box at my door after the longest sewing class ever. I'm in love with EVERYTHING.

Silence & Noise Chiffon Button-Down BlouseI love a sheer top! I have a summer version of this blouse (tank top with front pocket) in yellow and LOVE it. It is about 90% sheer so I wear a black bra or my American Apparel bandeau underneath. This top is perfect tucked in high-waisted jeans or left out for an over-sized look.

Nom de Plume YaYa Chiffon Mix SweaterLove this combo of black and (sheer) nude! The sweater is ribbed and a bit wide but I actually prefer it that way for a more relaxed fit.

Truly Madly Deeply Long-Sleeved Tees
I originally wanted a similar LNA version of this top but right before making that bad decision I found these, almost identical, tees that were MUCH cheaper. I even got two for less than the price of the LNA tee I almost purchased. I always love a good over sized basic top to pair with leggings while traveling or just hanging around at home. I would recommend ordering a size up. The sleeves are really tight.

Truly Madly Deeply Leopard Cross Dolman Tee
Okay, so I absolutely needed this tee when I saw it. I LOVE the leopard and (again) I can't have enough over sized tops. I'll probably pair this with my new light pink lace skirt from H&M and my Sam Edleman Zoe boots for an edgy/girl combo I love!

And just for fun...

Tuxedo Ruffle Shams (Set of 2)
I bought these adorable shams for just an extra splash of color for my bedroom. As of now my bed is blank white and I have some hot pink shams I've had since 8th grade. I love these shams. They are so soft and the most perfect shade of light turquoise. I'll probably give in and buy the matching quilt.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

MUST-HAVES: Relaxed Pants

When harem pants were debuted I definitely had NO interest in owning a pair. However, a less exaggerated version of these pants are out this season and are a must-have for fall. Loose and relaxed fit pants are definitely going to be my go-to pants for the new season. I have purchased two different versions of these pants already. I bought the Sparkle & fade Pull-On Parachute pant (coincidence that I just saw MC Hammer live this weekend? I don't think so.) and the Lightning pant from Urban Outfitters.

The Parachute pants are so comfortable and easy to wear. The best part is that I can wear them with basic tees for a simple day look and I can also pair these with great heels and a cute top for a dressier look.

The lightning print pants are basically sweatpants but perfect for someone like me who almost 100% hates dressing down. These pants are great lounge pants but the cute geometric print makes them great to pair with a blazer and platforms for a unique look.

Also check out these similar styles:

Drawstring Harem Pant - Delia*s - $29.50

Riki Pant - Dolce Vita - $188

Pannung Pant - The Furies - $92

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MUST-HAVES: Jeffrey Campbell "Lita"

My first purchase for fall; these platform beauties are already my go-to bootie for Fall and I don't even have them yet! I ordered these babies in July when I saw them because I knew they would sell out quickly. They won't ship until the end of September but I am so excited for them to arrive at my door. I was right about them going quickly. They were semi-unavailable for a minute but they are back in stock AND in two more colors (mustard and red). I've also seen a silver glitter version of the Lita shoe and it is AH-MAZING. Check out more new Jeffrey Campbell styles at

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WANTS: Crop Tops!

Just in time for Summer – there is a crop top for everyone! Try fun prints that perfectly compliment the season or even a basic solid that is so versatile it can be worn all year long! Not ready to bare a little skin? Try layering a cropped top over a basic cami for another great Summer look.

White Fishtail Tee, $115 – Chiffon Floral Tank, $44 – Black Knit Sweater, $ 295 – Cropped Racerback, $30 – Peach Crop Top, $15 – Flag Print Crop Vest, $32 – Tiered Blouse, $55 – Stripe Swing Crop Vest, $24 – Curved Hem Seam Tee, $36 – Paris Charm Crop Top, $55 – Sequined Crop Top, $350 – Floral Top, $35 – Swing Cropped Top, $20 – Black Pocket Tee, $74 – Stripe Swing Crop Vest, $24 –

Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

In The Spring Of Things

Spring is officially here and what better way to celebrate than with fun and fresh floral prints? Whether you choose floral head to toe for a complete flirty look or a just a little dose to compliment your rocker-chic ensemble, there is a way for everyone to say hello to Spring!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ready, Jet-Set, Go!

I dedicate this post for all of you jet-setters who don't make your day at the airport an exception to looking fabulous! It's all about being comfortable and looking effortless. My favorite items I always have during my travels are:

1) Oversized sweater and/or scarf
- such an easy cover-up and can double as a blanket on the plane! 2) Leggings - I always wear black leggings at the airport. They are so easy and comfortable and pair up nicely with your sweater! 3) Sunglasses - these are essential for blocking out sun when your window-seat buddy isn't so considerate AND at the airport during the day where headaches are easy to come across! 4) Hat - I like to wear a hat to the airport; mainly because I didn't have time to spend on my hair at six in the morning. Fedoras instantly disguise your bed head and complete your effortless ensemble! 5) Oversized Bag - Always need an oversized tote to keep my laptop and magazines in, my purse just won't cut it. This bag is functional AND beautiful! 6) Travel-Sized Skin Care - I can't risk my skin care getting lost in my luggage and these travel sized bottles from Philosophy are the perfect size for security! 7) Headphones/Earphones - Even if I'm not listening to my iPod or watching movies on the plane, I like to keep my earphones in to block as much noise as I can. I love my Heartbeats by Lady Gaga!

Bon Voyage!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Out With Old, In With the Trends

It has come to my attention that "prom season" has begun. Before you purchase one hundred layers of taffeta and tulle or circle every sparkly dress in your prom edition magazines, consider some new daring trends that will win everyone's attention. It's a new decade and proms everywhere are way past due for a makeover!

Zipper details seem to be on everything lately and prom dresses are no exception! Whether you go for short styles or long, complete your edgy look with more feminine accessories to soften your look up. It is your fairy tale prom, after all.

Nothing says red carpet like a one shoulder gown. This style paired with beautiful drop earrings and a soft up-do will complete this classic look.

Surprise everyone at your prom with this unexpected but chic trend. Not your typical prom style, but long sleeves on a mini dress allow you to show off those gams...and your fabulous shoes!

Think bold shoes (why not even try some cute booties?), chunky jewelry, headbands, and more! Opt for a short and simple dress this year and play with some awesome accessories to complete your look!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh, It Is Love

Who needs a date this year when you can treat yourself to these fabulous finds? Get festive this Valentine's Day with floral prints, flirty scents, everything glitter, and some irresistible treats!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mad About Blue

Let's talk about denim. My favorite jeans are, without a doubt, BDG brand jeans. There is nothing worse than trying on 100 pairs of jeans until finding the perfect pair and since discovering this brand, I haven't tried on jeans in a store since. Around 2006 I converted to skinny jeans only but BDG has so many perfect styles; high-waisted, ankle length, black, grey, destroyed, stretchy, YOU NAME IT! I especially prefer the ankle length jeans to accommodate my 5’2 frame. These jeans were lifesavers. All jeans are way too long for me, but these ankle length jeans (also super cute on you normal people) fit me perfectly length-wise as jeans should and also saved me some time with my sewing machine. All styles are perfect for boots and can be dressed up or down. The prices aren’t so bad either ranging from $39 to $64. What are YOUR favorite jeans?

Friday, January 8, 2010


Little Jenny Humphrey and the always fabulous Carrie Bradshaw in Sex In The City 2 have been spotted rocking 5-finger leather "half" gloves by Patricia Field. These affordable gloves are the perfect accessory to take your look from day to night!


Chain Harness Necklaces: Trend alert! These body hugging necklaces are being seen every where lately and I am loving them! These are the perfect simple accessory to make a BIG statement. Also try making your own with old necklaces and new chains for a cheaper version that won't break the bank.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To Grommet Or Not To Grommet?

Am I the only one who thinks grommets look cheap? They may be making a big turn around lately, but every time I see them I can't help but think about my middle school l.e.i jeans that came with those hideous pleather belts with two rows of grommets all around. I just can't seem to budge on the grommet trend. If you love it, I'm sure you rock it. I think my problems with grommets may just be hidden anxiety of middle school. I'm a little sad because I believe they would have had potential for me.

What do you think? Love them or Leave them?

My Favorite Place In The World

I would like to dedicate this entry to Lexington, KY where I currently am confined to a hospital bed before surgery. I love Lexington so much because hidden between roads is where I find the place I call my favorite place of all time. The first time I went I was probably 14 and the entire place fascinated and inspired me. Every square inch of the petite little store was covered from ceiling to foor in paints of shocking candy colors. (This store was also inspiration for my sparkly pink walls in my room at my parents house.) Even when I thought the place couldn't be any more exciting, they added on a COFFEE SHOP! Imagine my delighted heart after I got to experience shopping in my favorite store for unique one of a kind jewelry and hand-painted pieces WHILE drinking (I must say) the best white mocha ever. If you haven't already been yet, I introduce to you...Third Street Stuff.


DREAMS! Everything I love crafted into one magnificent Villa owned by none other Betsey Johnson. DYING.

Taylor Swift No Longer My Guilty Pleasure

I have NO SHAME! This girl is so GLAMOROUS in this poolside photo spread. Though, I'm sure she was a little out of her element, she ROCKED her new high fashion persona. LOVE IT.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top 5 Favorite Things At The Moment

(From Top Left Clockwise: Studded Wrap Ring, Urban Outfitters. Black Gold Triangle Necklace, House Of Harlow, "Russian Red", M.A.C. Silence & Noise All Over Studded Tank, Urban Outfitters. Sam Edelman Zoe Boot.)

Okay, so I went a little nuts after the holidays and my Christmas money lasted for a few short hours to say the least. 1. This ring is my all-time favorite accessory. I wear it everyday it never fails me. 2. LOVE Nicole Richie, love her new jewelry and this necklace was FINALLY back in stock! 3. Inspired by my newest friend Lexie, I have a new love for lipstick. It turns me into a different person...really. 4. Bought these tanks in black and grey because they are SO ME. Can't wait to wear them with 5. ZOE BOOTS! I was a little disappointed when I didn't find these under the tree this year so I treated myself the next day :) These boots are so GLAM it hurts me. Hurts so good.