Friday, April 1, 2011

MUST-HAVES: Jorts! least for every beautiful southern belle in Kentucky this weekend! I feel so privileged to be from KY this week as we (UK Wildcats) have earned our spot into the NCAA Final Four this Saturday! I'll be getting my JORTS on for sure! What are jorts? JEAN + SHORTS. A nickname given to player Josh Harrellson after being spotted in this opinion-worthy trend. While Men's denim shorts may not have many fashion-forward style choices, there are lots of fun ways for us GALS to play up this trend for Spring and well into late summer nights!


Shakuhachi Patch Denim Shorts - $168.00
These multi-denim shorts are perfect for Spring! Tuck in your favorite vintage sports tee with a studded belt or pair with a cropped sweater. How ever you style them up, these JORTS go a long way!

Maje Eglefin high-waisted stretch-denim shorts - $175

Go beyond the blue with an intense pop of color! These Poppy colored denim shorts are the perfect way to warm up your wardrobe for Spring + Summer. Try out other great hues of bright purple and kelly greens!


One Teaspoon Leopard Print Denim Shorts - $134.48

What a FAB combo of color + print. Think outside the box this season and mix and match everything! Summer is supposed to be playful and carefree so be sure and look your part!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For The Love Of Jeffrey Campbell

The holidays are over and all of my Christmas painting orders are complete and delivered. Even though I started school again this week, I somehow managed to find time to paint for MYSELF for once!

My mom picked up this HUGE 36" x 48" canvas for me months ago and it has been sitting against my living room wall waiting for my inspiration to start up. I had no idea what I wanted to do with it, but I desperately needed some more wall art in my living room. I got the pink Foxy Wood Jeffrey Campbells for Christmas - and just like that...I knew! Inspired by the PINK ROCK ad I saw earlier in December, I quickly started my Jeffrey Campbell painting!

36" x 48" - Acrylic

My ever growing JC collection

Check out my other blog Kelsi Brown Custom Painting to check out more paintings and prices!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MUST-HAVES: Maxi Skirts

Move over mini skirts, I'm so obsessed with long maxi skirts right now! Earlier this season I was just playing my usual dress-up-out-of-boredom and put on my Wildfox Roses Pocohontas dress. Wishing I had worn it more this summer, I started playing with it and pulled on a sweater and belted it and ended up with something I liked and wanted to try out. Loved it!

So now I'm seeing more maxi skirts everywhere I go and I approve! I have my eye on this Cheap Monday skirt right now but there are lot's of other cheaper and alternatives out there!

JojoMaxi Skirt - Cheap Monday - $88

Lounge Wear Maxi Skirt - Forever 21 - $11.80

Glenda Skirt - Nom de Plume Yaya - $79