Wednesday, October 31, 2012

LOVES: Black Cats, Sweet Tarts, + Faux Fur

Today was a wonderful Halloween day! I didn't make any specific plans this year, as my Indy love and Halloween extraordinaire, Travis, moved to the East coast leaving us all very confused and lonely this holiday. I didn't splurge on (AT LEAST) three DIY costumes like usual...just one for Chichi. Instead, I ended up having multiple wardrobe changes for my very busy day of running errands, playing with Fang, painting, and card shopping. Surprise surprise, I had MANY Halloween appropriate options in my closet...

Sweater - One Grey Day, Cross Tee - F21, Booties - DV by Dolce Vita, Faux Fur Infinity Scarf - Target

Booties - DV by Dolce Vita

Sweater - h&m, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Skull Blouse - Unknown

Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY: Crystal Skull Wine Toppers

Last week I was taking a fun stroll through Target in their Halloween section and was so excited when I found these fun skull wine toppers for about five bucks each. I picked up two for my friends from Pittsburgh who were visiting me in KY, one for my best friend's birthday, and of for me. Even though they are perfect as is, I had an idea to make them perfect little McQueen-inspired gifts.

What you'll need: black nail polish, clear nail polish, assorted crystals, tweezers

Before I started, I filled in the eye sockets of the skull with some black nail polish. This is definitely optional, but I liked the way it added a little extra depth.

I'll note that the first time I tried gluing in the crystals, I used a strong clear super-glue. It worked fine until it dried. It did NOT dry very clear and residue ended up getting all over the skull. for the second trial, I used a clear nail polish. It holds just as strong and dries completely clear and shiny. I put a generous amount of clear nail polish in the eye sockets, waited for it to dry a LITTLE so that it was a little tacky, then placed the crystals in the eye sockets with tweezers.

I set the toppers into water bottles while they dried (overnight).

I really liked the green + emerald crystals and you can't go wrong with an original clear. I got an assortment bag with red, orange, blue, purple, green, and clear. Any of these would look great!

Now pop open your favorite bottle of vino and enjoy your toppers as a great decoration + convo starter! HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEK!

Monday, October 22, 2012

LOVES: Grey City

Even though I started dressing and preparing for Fall way before Summer had ended, I am still way too excited about my new finds and purchases for the best season of the year. So far, my absolute favorite Fall statement are my new Grey City Bandit platforms. The whole collection is without a doubt my new favorite and on the top of my wishlist. Today I wore them with coated black skinnies, an oversized sweater, and House of Harlow cat-eye sunnies for a major badass moment (or five). I can't wait to expand my GC collection!

Pants - h&m, Sweater - F21, Handbag - Target, Beanie - h&m, Sunnies - House of Harlow, Shoes - Grey City

"Like" Grey City's Facebook page and check out their new Fall collection

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Must-Haves: CAT POWER

Black cat prints + accessories are a super(stitious) trend right now...and just in time for Halloween! Of course, wearing your feline fashions beyond the creepy holiday is totally acceptable. While I'm partial to any black cat trend even more now (I adopted one recently named Fang), you can definitely show a softer side with kitten prints in playful colors on cardigans and scarves. MEOW.


Clockwise from left: Kitty Loafers - Urban Outfitters, Sweater - Wildfox, Scarf -, MEOW tee - UNIF, iPhone case -, Cat Nap ring - Feline Fatale/