Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ready, Jet-Set, Go!

I dedicate this post for all of you jet-setters who don't make your day at the airport an exception to looking fabulous! It's all about being comfortable and looking effortless. My favorite items I always have during my travels are:

1) Oversized sweater and/or scarf
- such an easy cover-up and can double as a blanket on the plane! 2) Leggings - I always wear black leggings at the airport. They are so easy and comfortable and pair up nicely with your sweater! 3) Sunglasses - these are essential for blocking out sun when your window-seat buddy isn't so considerate AND at the airport during the day where headaches are easy to come across! 4) Hat - I like to wear a hat to the airport; mainly because I didn't have time to spend on my hair at six in the morning. Fedoras instantly disguise your bed head and complete your effortless ensemble! 5) Oversized Bag - Always need an oversized tote to keep my laptop and magazines in, my purse just won't cut it. This bag is functional AND beautiful! 6) Travel-Sized Skin Care - I can't risk my skin care getting lost in my luggage and these travel sized bottles from Philosophy are the perfect size for security! 7) Headphones/Earphones - Even if I'm not listening to my iPod or watching movies on the plane, I like to keep my earphones in to block as much noise as I can. I love my Heartbeats by Lady Gaga!

Bon Voyage!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Out With Old, In With the Trends

It has come to my attention that "prom season" has begun. Before you purchase one hundred layers of taffeta and tulle or circle every sparkly dress in your prom edition magazines, consider some new daring trends that will win everyone's attention. It's a new decade and proms everywhere are way past due for a makeover!

Zipper details seem to be on everything lately and prom dresses are no exception! Whether you go for short styles or long, complete your edgy look with more feminine accessories to soften your look up. It is your fairy tale prom, after all.

Nothing says red carpet like a one shoulder gown. This style paired with beautiful drop earrings and a soft up-do will complete this classic look.

Surprise everyone at your prom with this unexpected but chic trend. Not your typical prom style, but long sleeves on a mini dress allow you to show off those gams...and your fabulous shoes!

Think bold shoes (why not even try some cute booties?), chunky jewelry, headbands, and more! Opt for a short and simple dress this year and play with some awesome accessories to complete your look!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh, It Is Love

Who needs a date this year when you can treat yourself to these fabulous finds? Get festive this Valentine's Day with floral prints, flirty scents, everything glitter, and some irresistible treats!