Saturday, August 18, 2012

LOVES: Stars + Fringe

I can't tell you enough how much I love this Woodleigh fringe cape! Since I got it from Excess Baggage earlier this year I have probably worn it with just about everything from just jeans + a tee and even as a beach cover up! Oh, and it IS as fun to twirl around in as it looks. 

Cape - Woodleigh, Blouse - Nasty Gal, Cut-offs - Mink Pink, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekly Recap

Is it me or has this Sunday felt like an eternity? I am shamelessly still lounging around in bed at 6PM waiting until my birthday guest arrives so we can make cupcakes + watch the Roseanne Roast. I was going through my Instagram and cleaning up the photos on my phone and thought I'd share with you my favorites from this week.

Sweet Hearts

This week I decided to whip up some of my Grandma's favorite strawberry cupcakes to bring to her as a thank you for buying me a handful of massages for my birthday. I tried something new (for me) with this recipe. I cored + filled them with an AMAZING strawberry fruit spread and topped with a cute little strawberry heart. She loved them!

Fashion Head

My parents have been remodeling most of our home for the last few months and my rooms are finally (just about) done! I've been having so much fun putting my things back in my room and organizing (totally normal) EVERYTHING. My bookshelves are filled once again with my favorite books and...stuff.

Pop Of Color

On my way home from Cincinnati last Sunday, I stopped by the mall hoping to find some goodies from H&M. After a very disappointing skim of the store, I ended up just going to Forever 21 and finding these adorable neon heart socks. They were so cheap I bought them in black, bright blue, and neon yellow. I LOVE pairing them with my Jeffrey Campbell studded flats....and basically everything.

Joseph Gordon Lemme Mary You

Uhhhh....HELLO! Continuing my crush on JGL after seeing The Dark Knight Rises this week AND after seeing this while walking down the magazine isle. There is nothing...NOTHING...better than a man in a suit.

I Love The 90's

My Mom has also been organizing her newly painted + furnished office and I have been going through her drawers of old photos. Found this gem of 6 year old me in what has to be the best outfit ever. I remember loving this cat sweatshirt so much + I wore those hiking boots with EVERYTHING. They were also my go-to shoes at amusement parks because homegirl was never tall enough for any of the rides!

So those were the highlights of my week. What were yours?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

MUST-HAVES: DIY (No Sew) Detachable Collar

Surely this isn't your first time seeing one of Fall's fun trend of detachable collars. Adding a collar to anything from a loose knit sweater to even a simple tee shirt can create a whole new look to add to your Fall wardrobe. Collars with hard elements, like studs + spikes, can give feminine pieces and edge, while adding a clean white collar or one with lace is a no brainer for a sophisticated + preppy look! The best part about this trend is that options are endless and I promise once you make just ONE of these amazing collars, you might not want to stop! You're going to be shocked at how simple + easy these fabulous accessories are to create!

Let's go.

 What You'll Need:

- Old/thrifted button up shirt (I've found that men's shirts work best as the collars are a little larger than women's shirts and have more of a relaxed fit. Also try and choose a shirt with a crisp structured collar.)
- Fabric shears 
- Flair!

STEP 1: (You may press your shirt's collar before starting if necessary.) Start by cutting along the seam below the front button. If you cut carefully and closely enough, finishing the edge will be unnecessary as you will not even be able to see it once the collar is pressed down.


STEP 2:'re all done.

These collars are simple + chic all on their own, but if you really want to personalize your new accessory.....LET THE FLAIR BEGIN! Add studs (like I did in the image below), buttons, glitter, fabric paint, gems, rhinestones, lace....ANYTHING! Get creative with it and show off your personal style!

Now aren't you glad you didn't go splurge on this amazing addition to your new Fall wardrobe? :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

LOVES: Hometown Finds

What a wonderful Friday afternoon spent downtown with my Mom! Once a month or so my hometown hosts a "Market On Main" where vendors can sell their produce, art, + treasures. My Mom and I headed downtown to have some lunch and check out what everyone was selling. Honestly I just wanted to get some information about having my own booth next time to sell my paintings, but I ended up finding some AMAZING little unexpected gems. 

Every time I'm downtown I like to check out our new boutique in town, Awaken Boutique. The owner, Brianna, is constantly changing up her stock of affordable and trendy pieces so each visit is just as exciting. I snagged up some great black skinnies and a neon belt that is the perfect pop of color to so many of my future ensembles. I also couldn't resist some adorable ice cream cone earrings from a friend's booth. Before I left I checked out a booth close to our parking lot where I immediately noticed the cutest vintage camera that I purchased for a girlfriend of mine who collects them. Before I paid I took a quick look at some vintage jewelry and found the most amazing abalone shell necklace that would have just been WRONG to pass up. Don't you just love an unexpected treasure JACKPOT?! I sure do!

Thrifted vintage camera, vintage abalone shell necklace, neon belt - Awaken Boutique, DIY ice cream cone earrings - Ollie + Jay

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LOVES: Orange + Black

There's nothing I love more than a good sweater. Whether it's a big chunky knit in the winter or a light + loose cropped sweater during summer, there is a sweater for every occasion/season. These photos were shot in February at Venice Beach and it was FREEZING. However, I've worn this amazing orange cropped sweater throughout the year paired with everything from denim cutoffs to maxi skirts. Do you have a favorite sweater?

Sweater - H&M, Shorts - Mink Pink, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Sunglasses - House Of Harlow