Friday, April 1, 2011

MUST-HAVES: Jorts! least for every beautiful southern belle in Kentucky this weekend! I feel so privileged to be from KY this week as we (UK Wildcats) have earned our spot into the NCAA Final Four this Saturday! I'll be getting my JORTS on for sure! What are jorts? JEAN + SHORTS. A nickname given to player Josh Harrellson after being spotted in this opinion-worthy trend. While Men's denim shorts may not have many fashion-forward style choices, there are lots of fun ways for us GALS to play up this trend for Spring and well into late summer nights!


Shakuhachi Patch Denim Shorts - $168.00
These multi-denim shorts are perfect for Spring! Tuck in your favorite vintage sports tee with a studded belt or pair with a cropped sweater. How ever you style them up, these JORTS go a long way!

Maje Eglefin high-waisted stretch-denim shorts - $175

Go beyond the blue with an intense pop of color! These Poppy colored denim shorts are the perfect way to warm up your wardrobe for Spring + Summer. Try out other great hues of bright purple and kelly greens!


One Teaspoon Leopard Print Denim Shorts - $134.48

What a FAB combo of color + print. Think outside the box this season and mix and match everything! Summer is supposed to be playful and carefree so be sure and look your part!